From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Norwalk, CT)

“I live in Norwalk Connecticut and I use J &L Medical Services out of Middlebury, Connecticut. I am very disappointed with what is going on in Washington in regards to our medical care. Having worked in a medical office for 33 years, it’s not what they telling us, it’s what they not telling us. They make it sound like it’s one big great birthday present to all of us. Well it is not. It’s disastrous. It’s the Emperor is wearing no clothes. I don’t know what to say I am just so furious with this garbage that is going on. It’s what as I said before, it’s what they don’t tell us. It’s the Sin of Omission and now I am gong to be losing the people I have gotten to know on a first name basis in all these medical companies and have been extremely happy with. Nothing has been a problem to them. I have already had to change my medical prescription drug plan and it has been a horror from day one. I have to switch from Humanna to Aetna and its just horrible what I have to go through. We paid our taxes all these years . My husband and I, before he died, were absolutely no drain on the system what so ever. None, we paid huge taxes. Huge. And now we have to put up with all this garbage from these people in Washington who think they have the answer to everything. Please reconsider. Do not go along with these people. They are not telling us thet full story and as we go day by day, we are finding that out. Thank you very much. …  Thank you very much. Bye-bye.”

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