From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Cape Coral, FL)

I am calling about the call the Congress has for competitive bidding on the Medicare beneficiaries. I have been on a CPAP for over 15 years and the first company I was with was absolutely terrible. One time my hose got a hole in it and they didn’t replace things regularly, the hose was at least two years old, and the company would not replace it without a doctor’s orders. We had to tape the hose with duct tape until the new one could be provided. Another time I had my mask break, and this was also after many years of use, because they didn’t replace anything, and the company told me I had to have my sleep test done over before I could get a new one. So, in the meantime, I had a broken mask. I fixed the broken part with glue, but that prevented the proper cleaning of that mask, because I couldn’t use the broken part. Their requirements, man. I had to have a new study, which took time to arrange, and that cost Social Security approximately 3,500 dollars for the sleep study, because I had to spend two nights there, I had doctors. I had to see my primary doctor to recommend a sleep apnea specialist, as my original doctor had retired. Then, they gave me a new sleep machine, even though my old one worked. All I really needed was a new mask, that would’ve been fine. Why would Congress pass such a law? Why don’t they just set a price and have all providers charge this price? Why fix something that’s not broken? Thank you.”

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