From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Prescott Valley, AZ)

I’m an oxygen purchaser from the Lincare Company in Prescott, Arizona. I received your folder telling about the new competitive bidding which has lowered the — not lowered our prices, but restricted our purchasing to certain companies that will only be approved by you people. Not by you, but whoever the government is handling this. And I’m not thrilled with the idea to having to take a forced company rather than one which is handy and has given me wonderful service. I’ve only been with them for one year, but they are quite good. They inspect the equipment and everything and I have been supplied with everything that I needed and I would be sorry to see that company might lose the contract with the new Medicare programs that you are instituting. I just want to go online with CRE and let you know that I don’t know that I will be happy, but if you were to keep the same company, they have given wonderful service that I would hope to be able to continue. Thank you.”

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