From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Vancouver, WA)

I live in Washington State.  I am highly against this competitive bidding and the no choice of medical durable equipment because small businesses are much kinder, and they better serve you, and they are more personal.  The big giant medical services are awful to people,  they just are absolute horrible,  they don’t bring what you want,  you don’t get what you need.  You know it’s just half the effort and half the time and they don’t care if it’s right or not.  I have got multiple sclerosis  and i need a lot of home medical equipment, and I need things brought every month.  It would be terribly, terribly difficult to have to deal with one of these large places that might get to you in a week or six.  I want to support my own local business, I quit using the larger offices, the small businesses will be put out of business.  Don’t we want to keep our economy going by encouraging small businesses?  I much rather use small business because they care about the quality of the patient.  And the big businesses are the ones that are gonna get all the bids for these things.  So I think it is really unfair that with competitive billing a large uncaring business gets the job because they get more quantity so they can go a little cheaper.  We don’t need that, we need,  people like me need quality service, and small businesses are the only ones who care about that.  I can’t name a large medical care service that does that.  So I am against it.  …  I am in Washington State, Vancouver.  Thank you.  Bye. “
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