From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Garden City, NY)

Yes I’m calling to register my angst regarding this Competitive bidding for Durable Medical Conditions. …  Currently we have a wheelchair that Medicare is providing through a medical equipment provider in New York for my father as well a bed and other medical equipment for the pad of the bed to keep the circulation going. They have provided good service, reliable good service and to be able to, you know to continue with them is what we wish. If Congress is in the mode for competitive bidding, I would hope very much that they have that same competitive bidding with part D to Medicare drugs which doesn’t seem to exist at the current time so to penalize durable medical equipment manufacturers and let the pharmaceutical companies have a free ride with non-competitive bidding, charge what they please, it doesn’t seem to make sense. I hope that the new medical changes that are coming include competitive bidding for all or not to penalize one group against the other. Thank you.”

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