From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Winder, GA)

I live in Winder, Georgia. I received a brochure from my provider for my medical equipment, my nebulizer and breathing medicine and it says that Congress is gonna cut a lot of this out. We’re gonna go to other companies, it calls it competitive bidding. I am so against this. I, like so many other Americans, need this to keep us alive and I would like to keep using my provider. … 

I am so against this, not for myself, but, I mean, for myself and a lot of other people, because I depend on a nebulizer and medicine that goes in it to keep me alive, really, to help me. I would appreciate it if you would pass this on, and I hope the government don’t win this one, but I got a sneaky feeling they’re gonna win it all. And Ithey are going to bar a lot of these little companies like this and we don’t have to go to some other companies. We don’t even know if we’ll get healthcare or not the way this thing is going, but I would appreciate it, and I appreciate you listening to me. Y’all have a good day and a very happy New Year to whoever gets this message. Bye bye.”

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