From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Lexington, GA)

I’m from Lexington, Georgia. I’ve had lung cancer and a section of my lung removed. I’m 72 years old, retired and I’m on oxygen therapy. According to this competitive business thing that this flier is mentioning, I might lose the oxygen company that I’m with now.

I’m a fisherman. That’s the one thing that I’m still able to do. We go fishing. If I’m on those little tanks, I can’t go fishing. I don’t have enough time to be able to go out to the lake, go out fish and get back in again on a single tank. With the liquid oxygen cannister that I’m on at the present time, I can go fishing all day and it works out quite well and by taking a small tank with me, I can actually use my camper and go fishing or go camping for a week. I’m not restricted to the house. I still have some mobility.

You go into this competitive business thing, I’m probably gonna go end up losing my liquid oxygen and that would be, to me, that would be like cutting my legs off, lose all my mobility, lose the one thing I enjoy the most, I won’t be able to do anymore. My boats will be useless to me. I hope that this new law doesn’t go into effect. Competitive bidding on something like this doesn’t make sense. I hope that there’s some way to prevent it. I like the idea of having a choice as to whom I can go to. Thank you.”

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