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“I’m a home care salesman for the last 40 years and seen a lot things happen over the years and what I have seen right now, I don’t like.  It is jeopardizing my livelihood but not only that, it’s hindering the patients that need the care and big GovCo is not going to be the answer to this problem.  What needs to happen is the fat cats need to be getting taken out of the picture and the insurance needs to be at a weight where the people can afford it, the scripts and the doctor visits and everything else.  Because I just had a heart attack back in January.  I didn’t owe a soul anything and now me and my wife are in dire straits and she is in bad shape also and we are doing everything to make it. It’s not easy but we’re doing it. 

But my question is what is going to be done about this?  It needs to be much more attention in the media about this and what is going on.  People need to understand that they are getting their rights and freedoms taken away from them and the politicians are covering up what is really happening. You’re not going to be able to choose anything you want to.  They are going to lay it out for you.  That’s what you’re going to get. And it is going to be like Canada, Europe and Great Britain.  You’re going to be waiting in line in the emergency room for twenty-four hours just to see a doctor or better and you won’t be able to get your drug if you have cancer or have a stamp for your heart surgery like I did and you know it’s just not right and I worked all my life to get what I want and now everything is being taken away from me.  And I’m not happy about it.  …

I call all over North and South Carolina and strictly home care and I’m very much familiar with what is going on and I have seen changes over the years, and like I said, I don’t like them.  And people really need to get behind this.  There are a lot of good people that are involved in it but there are a lot of people trying to cover up what is really happening just to fatten up their pocketbooks to keep their constituents happy they got them in there.  Bipartisan, partisan, I could care less about politics.  I  just want the right person in for the job.  …

And again, if you want some of these things distributed, feel free to send me as many as you want and I’ll be handing them out at every dealer I call on and hand them to every person I know that I see every day.  I’ll keep them in my car and just keep handing them out because the more people that know the less these idiots are going to get what they want.  And the budget keeps going up and us keep getting in trouble more and more than what we already are.

The dealers are getting really in trouble because Medicare keeps cutting their allowable and they have to pay their distributor or whoever their buying from or manufacturer and they put it out there for their patient .  They go to get reimbursed and Medicare tells the say “Oh no, we’re not paying for that…” And that’s not right.  Medicaid is doing the same thing. They’ll tell them there’s reimbursement on something and they turn around with a note saying “Sorry, we’re not doing that.” 

You can’t run a business like that.  The general public needs to understand that the federal government might be running this thing but you got a bunch of idiots that don’t know what they are doing making the rules and regulations and thinking that is going to serve the purpose – and it’s not. And things need to change.  And competitive bidding is not the answer.  There are other ways to do it.  And the reason they went after the dealers is because they do not have a large lobbying group like the AMA does, the physicians, and the insurance companies. And it’s not right.  They are the little guys on the block and they only got about a little over two percent of the business and that’s who they came after.

Like I said, my livelihood is being jeopardized just like everybody else is but my main concern is for the patient. What are they going to do?  They are making decisions and have no idea what kinda impact they’re going to have on patients.  Making things larger and GovCo and making less dealers in an area is going to make it worse on a patient because they will be able to monopolize everything and do whatever they want to and the patient care is not going to be what it should be and it will take much longer to get things done correctly. 

Still will be spending the same amount money for the government to these people but you’re going to be getting less for your money. It’s not right. It needs to change.  The general public needs to understand more about this. Somebody really needs to get out there and get on the media and say “Hey look “Y’all really need to understand what is happening.”  Have somebody like FOX News get on there and do a commentary on this thing or Glenn Beck get involved in it or Bill O’Reilly rather than CNN, C-SPAN and ABC and the biased networks that only want to push Obama’s agenda and it’s going to break this country.  We’re already in dire straits and we’re just going to get worse.  Getting rid of the DME dealers is not the answer and that’s all they are doing in the long run and getting more dealers out of this thinking they can fix the problem and that’s not going to do it. I’m running off at the mouth but if someone can get in touch with me or just send me some information, I’ll be very much appreciated.  Thank you and have a nice day.”

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