cms extension

My business is also awaiting for the accreditation company to come give us our site survey. We registered for the accreditation in June of 2008 and they tell me that they may not be able to get to our store in time. We have been servicing patients for 12 years and it will be devastating to our business if we do not receive our survey in time from the accreditation agency. I don’t believe this was the intention of the law to financially destroy our business or put us in this situation where we can not service our patients. Our Accreditation company is unable to provide surveyors to accommodate all the surveys that need to be done. Those of us that followed the rules and were timely should be granted an extension due to issues beyond our control. We are concerned for our patients and have always provided quality healthcare and provided high standards of care for all our patients without being told to do so by any government agency.

If the government can allow a last minute extension to convert from analog to digital television than I why are they not considering the health of our patients much more critical.

For those of you who think that those of us who have not gotten the survey complete I wonder if you are just being selfish and want to be able to cash in as other businesses are destroyed at the expense of patient care. The patient is who suffers in the end. We are requesting that proper review of providing an extension be examined by CMS.

Thank you

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