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I recently had this, get onto using oxygen in the house and also in transportation. And I just received a statement from my oxygen company, oxygen supplier today, stating that, it’s gonna be put on competitive bidding, and I may or may not have the same company, or I may or may not have 24 hour service in case something goes wrong with the machines or upkeep on the machines, or whatever, whatever the situation is, that these folks up there in Washington are trying to pull, I’m very much against. Very, very much against. And you know, in previous thoughts as well this one that may or may not make a difference, whether I think so, or whether I don’t think so, but if there’s anything that could be done.  You can’t mess with my oxygen, you know, I don’t like that idea at all, whatsoever.  I can see you saving money, but I can’t see you doing it this way.  …  I hope something can be done, I really do.”

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