From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Dallas, TX)

The patient is…my wife. We have very good service from the medical home health equipment people. It’s like the service that we get our hospital bed that we have for her in the house. It is necessary to be able to keep it operating properly and the oxygen machine and the two types of nebulizers that she needs, one for water and one for medicine has to be taken care once in a while and the CRE says that the service of all these things might be going away and we have to have her in the Medicare as well as the Medicaid because of the expense of her medical service. The medicines and stuff that she needs and doctor’s care. So if we have to pay for service on all these things, as far as I know, my wife might die as a result of us not having the money to pay for the service on the machine so that’s totally unacceptable. Totally unacceptable. Totally unacceptable. Not to be able to get the service on the machine according to this pamphlet here from the CRE. There you go. I don’t know what the heck we would. I guess she would just die. That’s not good.”

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