From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Crescent City, FL)

This competitive bidding, especially on oxygen, is totally wrong. This is something that we do not need to pass. Once you have someone that has to be on oxygen as a lifesaving measure and you have to go with the company that only wants to give you the service that only government would allow, that just gives them a total monopoly, they can treat you however they want, they cannot be there for the accident, they will not be there 7 days a week when you need them, they will tell you to go to a fire station on the weekends when you’ve run out of oxygen. This is no way to run a government, a business or anything. Talk to more people that are on oxygen or on any kind of these durable so-called equipment that everyone uses once they get older. The healthcare plan stinks, and we will not vote for anyone again that passes this. We’ve always been strong Democrats, and we will be Independents, whatever it takes to get this settled. Thank you very much.”

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