From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Destin, FL)

My husband and I both receive at home care for CPAP. He has one. I have one. We happen to have 2 different companies who supply us but they are small companies. They service us very well. The reason we have two different companies is we got them at two different times and that’s the way it worked out. But we very happy with the companies that we are using and I don’t want the government interfering with what medical equipment we have to use or regulate anything about it. My husband also has a pacemaker and I don’t know if that falls under this category but I want us to regulate who we get them from, not the government. I think the government should take care of taking care of its own problems and getting along with one another without meddling in what we should be doing with our own health care. So that is my comment and I think my husband feels the same…. 

Those are my views and I am not happy with the Government trying to mandate our health insurance. We not happy with them doing so and we are happy with the coverage we have now which is Medicare and AARP United Health Care. It’s working okay for us and I don’t feel we should be paying medical insurance for illegals or for people who are not deserving of it. Maybe they should go out and get a job. Sometimes that might solve some of the situation. So those are my point of view. Thank you very much.”

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