From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Harrisburg, PA)

Hello. I’m calling, but you keep Crest Care and smaller businesses that attend personally to my Medicare needs as far as breathing machines and respiratory and CPAP machines, and even wheelchairs and whatever might come under different things and because even, you know, maybe supports or back things. I have a lot of pain, extreme pain every single day in my back, behind my hips, legs, my feet. But as far as the respiratory things and equipment supplies or any diabetic strips, needles, anything I need help with, I wouldn’t know what to do without Crest Care helping me out personally with my CPAP machine and my oxygen. I had to turn it up today just to breath better, and they gave me a script from the doctor who called me and told me on the phone how to set it. I understand that there’s a bill HR 3790 introduced by Representative Kendrick Meek, a Democrat from Florida would eliminate this competitive bidding program, and I would like to know who my legislator is in the House of Representatives I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Ask him or her to sponsor H R 3790 please. There’s a lot of people, even friends of mine, that are under the same circumstances and need your help. Please, please, see that HR 3790 gets passed and we don’t have this competitive bidding.

Folks like me really need help. I haven’t been able to work to even buy supplies, and my husband’s been laid off since June. Things are rather touch and go here. So please help me out, help others out by not putting the small businesses, like Crest Care, out of business, or any of the other ones, please. This is so important to me. Thank you.”

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