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I am disabled, I’ve been disabled since I was I 40 years old. I’m 49 now. And I’m in a power wheelchair. And have been in a wheelchair completely for 8 years. 4 years in a manual chair and now 4 years in a power chair. I get my wheelchair and all the service from Advanced Medical, Advanced Medical Concepts in Owings Mill and from what I understand about this new law that passed by Congress, about competitive bidding. 

I know that my years of working for the government and being in Air Force and working for the Air Force later and for the Census Bureau that when the government gets involved quality drops quite a bit. And I can just imagine what the lowest bid on some of these, my wheelchair would be. It would be nothing like the service that I get now for when parts are broken. My chair is 4 years old. And it’s been used a lot. And things are starting to break. Advance Medical Concepts is here. There out here. They do service for it. They order new parts and things like that. Without that, where would I be? You know I can’t move. I can’t do anything without my wheelchair. And  I just am very much against it, competitive bidding. I definitely believe that the government shouldn’t be paying huge amounts for things that there should be some check and balances. But not to the point where we just get inferior equipment and service. So I’m very upset about that. And I feel that the current state of health care, the new health care bill, and everything that the U.S. in general is going to suffer greatly.We are already set back 25 years in medicine. There is not going to be any money put into new technology. So the government is not going to pay for that. And we’re going to be on huge waiting lists to get any kind of elective thing like if your gallbladder that goes bad. You know, to wait a year and a half for surgery is ridiculous. But that’s what people in the U.K. do. And that’s what we’re going to end up doing. So, I wish I wasfully able to work and have my own health insurance. But as it works out I can’t. And Medicare is where I end up. And the service that Medicare pays for is just going downhill what they will allow. And they cause every doctor around to go through so many hoops just to [unclear] [unclear]. And they deny a whole bunch of things that were OK before. It’s become very difficult to get things paid for and more and more providers are not accepting Medicare. So, I’m very upset and very worried for my future. And as the future of everyone else. I’m only 49 years old. How bad is it going to get by when I really need services? You know, in my 60’s and 70’s based on my condition now. So, I, if you need me for anything further please feel free to call. I’ll be glad to do anything that will help. Thank you very much. Bye. “

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