From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Canadian, OK)

I am a lady of 76 years old. I have worked 40 some years. I wanted to work till I was 70 because of having better insurance and better, higher income and I had to retire before I reached that age. I have since had numerous medical bills. I fell, I broke my neck. I had to go through all kinds of physical therapy to try to learn to walk and the doctors are doing their best so that I can stay home and do as much for myself as I can because like I said I am a elderly lady that always worked. I was a nurse all those years. Took care of sick people and now I need help and I certainly don’t wanna see Medicare cut, or social security benefits. It’s not right, people that has worked all there lives and most of it, even as a kid growing up, I worked on a farm. I deserve better than being cut off or cut back on my Medicare and I’m not the only elder person in the United States in that shape. I know so many that in the same shape as I am. I am not financially able to pay for all my medicine or pay for care and to me it’s cheaper and I’m a lot more happier being able to stay at home that I was put in a nursing home and I hate to see them mess our Medicare up. It’s a big problem and a big worry to those of us that have been working so long and I do hope this call will do some good because there are many, many people in my shape. Thank you.”

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