From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Columbus, OH)

I just wanna pass along that I am not for the competitive bidding process. I feel this will gravely impact the service that we currently receive in regard to oxygen here at our home and I think with these new means that you’re looking at implementing in regard to the level of service, not being able to have the opportunity to choose our own providers is a very poor aspect and I thought this was a constitutional amendment that it was freedom of speech and freedom of choice and in doing this you will be taking away that freedom of choice. So I plead with you to not utilize this new law because this will greatly impact those of us who do use services and have sought out the proper DME companies who are able to provide that quality of service. So I urge you to please rethink your processes and look deeper, find those patients that are the constant users of oxygen and various other equipment. I can only speak on our behalf here at our home but this will greatly impact and I think that’s a very long way to go. Thank you.”

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