From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Milwaukee, WI)

I am utterly dismayed to find that my use of Oxygen One of Waukesha may be forcefully taken from me and I feel like I’m being dumped in a middle of a lake and I don’t know how to swim. Anyone on oxygen knows how scary it can be when your supplier is not reliable cause without him you cannot breath. It’s reassuring to know he sees you as a person and not just a customer. I’ve now been on oxygen for about 4 years and when I began I had regular visits from a  respiratory therapist who helped me adjust and on a regular basis check my oxygen level plus taking me for a walk to check my level during activity. Your supplier helps establish what your need is and sets that on your equipment. They also give you many tips on your equipment and how to maintain and improve your physical condition. Any contact I had with this company has been like talking to a person I know. I can say many incidents when I had a problem and received immediate response even offering to come out on a Saturday night. I know any time I need help, I can call and get it. Any contact has been, like I was been being cared for by a family member. I’ve grown very disgusted with Congress because they seem little to do to stop or wasteful spending in areas that are generally well known.

The term competitive bidding in general is used when specific criteria are established so that everyone is bidding on the same thing  In this instance the lowest bidder will no doubt cut out the personal care that we have received and probably used cheaper and less effective equipment. It’s the only way they can do it because everybody’s offered the same re-payment of oxygen to Medicare. If this helps them to develop a better quality of life, and one of the things that’s been done is developing ways for people on oxygen to travel like other people. Small businesses people work hard and long to develop will be wiped out and their personnel will be without jobs and you will create a monopoly, when has monopoly been concerned with the individuals who are now captive? I beg Congress to reconsider what I feel is a ridiculous idea. Thank you.”

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