Supplier non-complianace letter

One of my customers brought us a letter they had received from CMS stating that their records show that she purchased/rented medical equipment and/or supplies through Medicare but because her supplier hasn’t met the new requirements to become Medicare approved,  starting 10-1-09, the supplier can no longer bill Medicare for equipment/supplies.  It then goes on to say that the beneficiary can call 1800MEDICARE and their representative will help them find a new supplier.  I have talked to NSC: my supplier number is active, they have my accreditation status and my surety bond on record.  There is NO supplier identified on this letter.  This will lead my customers to believe that I am no longer able to provide equipment and service which really ticks me off.  I understand that CMS has received complaints about this letter but has  NO INTENTION of issuing a retraction.  I wanted to make sure you all were aware of this letter.

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