Oxygen Cap and Competitive Bidding

The goal of CMS must be to put DME companies out of business. After the recent cut in reimbursement for oxygen services, many DME companies are already struggling to survive. If CMS again reduces reimbursement and reduces the caps on payment, it will put many DME providers out of business. The other factor that has compounded the reimbursement issue, is the increased requirements, i.e. CMS standards, accreditation, surity bond, etc., all which have increased the cost to provide oxygen services.
I’m a firm believer that we need standards and such to insure quality, but ther has to be some give an the reimbursement side to allow for that to be maintained and/or accomplished.

It is also insane to believe that CMS can propose the cuts in reimbursement for oxygen and then expect to roll out a very flawed competitive bid program right behind it.

The small percentage that DME is of the entire Medicare budget has small implications on the entire cost of the program. But it is a benefit that keeps individuals in their home and out of the more costly healthcare setting.

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