Today we compete for every referral based on quality service. I have been in the industry for 34 years and that basic standard has NEVER changed. With this illconcived consept called Competitive Bidding will terminate compition in the market place and erode quality service. An example of what I am talking about. Round 1 CMS awards a contract to the SCOOTER STORE to provide Home Oxygen. Are you kidding me? Someone with ANY knowledge of Oxygen Therapy should have raised the Red, White and Blue flag and asked the question. Does the SCOOTER STORE has a record of billing us for Home Oxygen Therapy or are they going to learn on the fly with our most vulnerable seinors? Example 2: CSM awards contracts to companys that do not or ever had a facility in the location that was Bid. Someone with any knowledge of a Thomas Guide or in this case a National map should have raised the red, white and blue flag asking. Does the contract winner even know where the city they won IS? This program was faulty the first round and will fail in round 1.2
CMS could have saved the tax payers 10s of millions already and maybe more. Just set the price for equipment/supplies at a reasonable amount, do unanounced facilty visits twice a year, require accreditation, and prevent bad apples from getting provider numbers is a great start to continue quality service.

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