I am aganst bidding and a Government take over

I am a 65 year old women and I am against Obama’s health care because I have one leg and I depend on a prosthetic. I have been an amputee for forty years. When I lost my leg they did not have the technology they have today. My first prosthetic weighed about 9 lb. and I weighed about 90 lb. and I couldn’t walk on my leg without crutches because my prosthetic was to heavy for me, that caused me a lot of problems and I went through several surgeries because of it. The point I am trying to make is if they would have had the technology then the insurance companies and Medicare would have saved a lot of money. The company that makes my prosthetic would have to go out of business if they can’t get enough money for their product and I think if we had a public health system I wouldn’t be able to get the prosthetic I need to be self sufficient and would have to be put in a nursing home. Think of how much money that would cost the public health system. You need to try and help the people that need help, and put a cap on these pharmaceuticals companies that charge outrageous prices other countries are cheaper and as good as we are, the doctors give people prescriptions they don’t need just to make money for their buddies ( THE PHARMACEUTOCAL COMPANIES).. You Need to concentrated on fixing the problem with Medicare and the VA. You can save a lot of money with Medicare but not by cutting services, there is a lot of waste in Government. You are spending our money and our children future. Who votes for this bill will be voted out of office.

I am asking you to not change our entire health care system just try and help the ones that need help.

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