LETTER: Obamacare is causing unsettling changes

From: LehighValleyLive

By Express-Times Letters to the Editor

Obamacare has changed Medicare. As of July 1, “Durable Equipment and Supplies” has a new program to save you money and ensure quality services. That’s what it says on the front of the brochure Medicare sent us.

My husband is on a CPAP machine, which is partially purchased and partially rented. The provider he uses will now be noncontracted, but he is grandfathered in so the company will be able to supply parts and repairs. But he will no longer be able to get other things from the company. At the end of the contract, where will he go? The Medicare brochure says there will be competitive bidding. They say it will save co-pays. We didn’t have any before. Are they adding them now? That way we’d save, maybe.

They say prices are inflated, but I see they only pay about 15 percent of these prices and Medigap pays a little. The companies get about 20 percent of billing. Can’t get much lower or they’d get nothing.

What is Medicare/Obamacare going to do to seniors next? I shudder to think about it. God help us to survive Obamacare.


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