Capped Oxygen Patient

We got a referral from a local hospital for home Oxygen last Wednesday. The patient came to Los Angeles on vacation from Ohio, without bring oxygen with them. Once in LA the patient was hospitalized for Shortness of Breath, and upon discharge the attending phyician order O2. After learning that the patient was capped we declined the order and the discharge planner started calling other Oxygen vendors with NO takers. The results was that the patient was unable to be discharged until Friday at 4PM, after we worked out a creditcard payment for 1 month rental and a $2000.00 deposit on our portable concentrator in the event they leave town with our equipment. Results; Medicare just paid for 2 additional days of hospitalization for the cost of 1 month(24/7) Home Oxygen service. The company in Ohio stated that the patient was told to take the Oxygen with them but decided to become non-compliant and travel without. In the past this was a no brainer. The hospital calls and we respond in less then 1 hour. Last I heard the average daily rate in LA for a hospital room was $4000.00. Is anyone in DC doing the math?

Rick Wilson

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  1. Stephen Koff said:

    Jul 06, 09 at 11:40 am

    Rick, I am working on a story on this very subject for my newspaper, the Cleveland Plain Dealer. That’s the newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio, and the largest paper in the state (17th largest nationwide). I’d like to talk with you. I’m in the Washington bureau; could you call me at 202-662-8930 or e-mail me at Thanks!

    Stephen Koff, Washington Bureau Chief, Cleveland Plain Dealer

  2. Rick said:

    Jul 09, 09 at 6:53 pm

    I just read your comment. I can be reached at RWHD55@AOL.COM. Thanks for your interest.

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