More than equipment

DME suppliers are about more than just equipment!! I work for a small family owned DME that really cares about the patient. We provide service to the patient. Many Medicare patients have a hard time comprehending and dealing with new things in their lives. Oxygen can be very intimidating to these patients. We are the ones who provide the time and compassion to make that adjustment easier to handle. Aside from the adjustment period when the Oxygen is first brought in-we spend a lot of time trying to keep the patient compliant throughout the course of treatment with Oxygen. Unfortunately, the patient’s doctors don’t always spend time explaining why they need the oxygen or providing the on-going pulse oximetry testing to show the patient the proof as to why they need the oxygen on an ongoing basis. The patient needs the service-not just a piece of equipment. Competitive bidding will do away with the service. It is expensive to provide the service we provide. If something is wrong with the equipment-we can’t have an elderly patient bring the equipment in to us-we go to them: which requires time, wear and tear on a vehicle and possibly new equipment. When DME is 1% of Medicare spending: why keeping targeting us for cuts??? We help to keep patients in their homes and keep the other 99% of Medicare expense undercontrol. Where is the logic!?!?!?

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Jul 01, 09 at 3:51 pm

    I believe since DME Suppliers do not have a strong support group like physicians we are targeted for cuts. We need to stand together.

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