From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Bethel, OH)

I have Greene Respiratory in Milford Ohio as my oxygen people and I don’t want the government people messing with that.  I am doing just fine with Greene’s Respiratory, they have been very kind to me, very good to me.  They gave me oxygen when I couldn’t afford it, when I wasn’t even on MediCare, or Medicaid or anything and I needed it and I couldn’t afford it and these people have been super nice and I don’t want these people’s throats cut.  Now I’m not happy at all about this and we are the ones, us seniors are the ones who has made this country what it is and we have put you all in office.  Don’t forget that you all can come out of office just as fast as you all went in.  I’m not happy at all.  …  I’m not a damn bit happy.

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