concerns regarding dme

As a small independent supplier I am seriously concerned regarding continued changes, NCB, timeliness of payment, restrictions on cushions every two years even w/ documentation of discomfort and changes to client/patient needs, also restrictions regarding changes in mobility/wheelchairs prior to 5 years.  Many clients/patients have disabilities that create need for change in their equipment.  When a DME responds to the medical teams (Therapists, and Physician) recommendations with extensive medical documentation and excellent team evaluation and we still do not get paid, this is unacceptable.  Either we should get paid (timely – we now have over $150,000 out over 250 days with Medicare) or we should be able to take the equipment back.  Then the client/patient can represent themselves and their needs. 


Continued changes in the Medicare rules and regulations when the people (government/insurance companies )  are not following the current rules is absurd.  NCB is going to put the small Independent provider out of business, limit/restrict patient/client needs, cost more , and not fix anything.  Government run health care system will not provide a way to be heard.  There will be no one to go to with a problem, or explanation why there needs to be consideration to a more complex client/patient needs.  Try to get to a person who can make a decision regarding an exception with Medicare.  That is impossible.

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