Medical Equipment Competitive Bidding

It has come to my attention that the United States Government is attempting to require all medical home equipment providers engage in a competitive bidding process in order to provide medical equipment to patients.

I AM AGAINST THIS TYPE OF ACTIVITY. As a Medicare recipient I have been paying into the system for a number of years and do not appreciate the idea of our government interfering with a program that is successful now and has been successful for a number of years. When will BIG BROTHER stop trying to interfere with successful programs and start paying attention to programs that do not work, or only work for the very wealthy “good ole boys” related to or friendly to government employees…. This is the United States of America, we don’t need the government to run our lives… Pay attention to what you are “hired” to do and leave well enough alone.

By enforcing a competitive bidding process you will effectively eliminate more than 65% of the businesses that currently provide important home medical services to needy people. Many of us are not wealthy… We need someone we can trust, and as it looks now, we CANNOT trust our government. Only those people who own equipment provider businesses that don’t mind giving kick-backs to government employees and those people who can afford to pay high costs for equipment will benefit from this potentially dangerous program. DO NOT DO THIS TO THE CITIZENS OF THE U.S…..

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