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I work for a Durable medical equipment company in Cleveland Oh. The amount of time and money spent on the last round of competitive bidding was outrageous. The time that vendors had to put in to get qualified for them to not go through only cause confusion to the beneficiaries. People with equipment we confused with all of this and it panicked people who already had items in their homes thinking that someone would be knocking on the door to pick it up. Or worse yet that it would not be covered it you did not have the right item from the right company in their homes. Amazes me that criminals get what they want and elderly have to jump through hoops. I wish that you would just eliminated competitive bidding so that small companies do not get run out of business.

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  1. N. Wiilams, ND, PhD said:

    Sep 29, 09 at 12:01 pm

    My heart goes out to all the honest businesses, that may have to close their operation because of changes by CMS/Medicare. The road ahead is going to be rough for many people who are self-employed with their DME businesses.

    Q: Yes there are some very dishonest comapnies out their, including many private clinics? But what is really at the core of this all still puzzles me?

    I am the owner of a health and wellness center in CA, that provides Health Education, Clinical Nutrition, and I also study the Metabolic stage of my patients. Most of these patients are diabetics, including patients that have are over-weight.


    I bill out for diabetics shoes, molded inserts, including some of the orthopedic back, neck, and knee devices. However we look at this: this is another way of CMS/and the Fed’s, creating a cash cow, because of the fraud some of these tugs in the industry committed.

    In other words they are simply seperating the goats from the sheeps.

    “Yes they need to get rid of these tugs, however CMS/Medicare should not be targeting everyone as the bad guy on the block?

    And if you do not have the necessasry funds to pay for some other guy’s mistake, then you are going to loose it all?

    I wonder in a time like this where is our president, and what is he really thinking? When he made a promise to help the little guy. This is an ambush to the whole health-care industry, and the begining of ongoing changes that we are seeing here in America today!

    I hope and trust that our government will step-up to the plate and take action immediately to stop this outcry! As for these accredation boards, I really wonder what is their training and educational back-ground?

    When the dust settles, we should never put our faith and trust in anyone but rather put it in the hands of our maker.
    N. Williams

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