Unfair and confusing

I work for a locally owned company that is supplying Oxygen to many Medicare customers and with the competitive bidding coming up soon it is going to hurt my company along with many many others nationwide. The Customers are going to get hurt most of all. There are going to be companies that will not be able to supply them any longer or refuse to supply them because of their insurance. The whole concept is confusing and needs a specialist to figure out the wording if that can even be done. Please help us to help others who really need us. Someday you may be in this situation and need us. Also, Why is Medicare spending so much money on competivie bidding when that money could be used for better things like paying companies that have already supplied items for the customers? Why would I as a patient want a company that is not near my home to take care of me. What type of response is there in case of some type of emergency? These people don’t even know their clients. Think of the customer, they are usually older and do not understand what is happening to their suppliers that they are use to. I thought the customer is suppose to come first?

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