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To whom this may concern, which is probably somebody in the government, they’ve probably never made a buck in her life, except working for the government. We’re just Medicare recipients of oxygen, for a situation where my wife’s lungs are totally deteriorated. I spent 4 years in the service, in the Korean War, and now the shift has taken place, it’s worse, and it’s unbelievable. You know as well as I do, if you go on a bid basis for a large area, you might save a couple bucks, but the outcome is gonna be horrible. The quality, the product is gonna be poor, the service, especially the service, which is how they require this particular product. I’ve just been in the scene for a short period of time with my wife and oxygen. The company we have now is excellent, they do a beautiful job, and I realize it may cost a little more, we have more people involved in peddling something, but once you go off the bid, especially the government, everything goes downhill. I happen to know this because at one time, I dealt with the government. You folks can bang at us. Here, we finally in a position to get some assistance from the government on Medicare, and one of the vital items involved with lung disease is oxygen and home delivery, as if it’s like another world. Most of the M B A’s that my sister took with to the government, don’t realize it, but the fact is this, when I hear and read that they’re gonna start chiselling on something like oxygen for Medicare patients, it is highly disturbing. The country is changing, it’s sad, but I’m absolutely against it….”

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