STOP Spending Money on Administrative Cost and Spend Money on the Needs of the Sick and Elderly.

Competitive Bidding Program. Why is Medicare spending an excessive amount of money on competitive bidding when Medicare could use that money to pay for medical equipment? Competitive Bidding Program will put some Oxygen Supply Companies out of business that does not receive a contract that will result in job losses. Why can’t Medicare just set a fee schedule for monthly rental for oxygen and any Oxygen Supplier that is willing to accept that fee schedule can provide oxygen to beneficiaries? This would be so much more cost effective and would save more jobs than the Competitive Bidding Program. The beginning of “2009” Medicare had to reduce the reimbursement rate for the items that was included in the Competitive Bidding Program just to pay for Round 1 of Bidding and then they delayed the implementation of the Competitive Bidding Program. Example of Medicare reducing allowable is HCPC code E1390 allowable in the year “2008” was $199.28 reduced to $175.79 in the year “2009. This example just proves that Competitive Bidding is extremely costly and money is being used on a “Program/Administrative Cost” instead of the actual service being provided to the beneficiaries. Now Medicare is going to spend more money on the “Rebid” of Round 1. Let’s make “Health Care” SIMPLE and spend the money on the “Actual” needs of the sick and elderly. Don’t spend excessive amounts of money on a “Complex” Competitive Bidding Program that spends more money on “Administrative cost” than spends money on the actual needs of the sick and elderly.!!!!!!
Please STOP the Competitive Bidding Program!!!!!!!!!

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