From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Plano, TX)

I’m calling today because I’m very, very upset. I have been on home oxygen for a couple years and the first year was a nightmare experience, they never brought me new canulas. They never came and serviced the concentrator and about 6 months ago I finally got connected to a good company that supplies me with liquid oxygen, a small tank that I can carry with me, so I can continue to live my life like a normal person and now I’m told that there’s been a new regulation passed that if they’re not the lowest bidder, they will take us off of there and put us with wherever.  I think you need to take people’s lives into consideration a fact that we have to have oxygen in order to live and the fact to be as independent as possible, we need to be as mobile as possible.  And if we don’t have a good supply company, that supplies us with on-the-go oxygen as well as home oxygen, then we don’t have that mobility and I’m strongly against what you doing with the Home Medical Equipment, that I know that there’s been a lot of fraud in that in these scooter shares, and stuff like that .  Oxygen is another situation and I don’t think it should be rationed or auctioned off to the lowest bidder, I thank you, you should go for quality and not for quantity.

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