CRE Investigation Requested

I am requesting that CRE investigate the oxygen cuts and the DME competitive bidding that CMS has placed. The 36 month oxygen cut is ridiculous. CMS has not considered ANY of the servicing that takes place for oxygen patients. Medicare oxygen patients are generally not healthy individuals who can maintain equipment. These patien’s require many home service calls in which are no longer reimbursed after 36 months. I don’t see CMS or congress working for free!! I work for a small independently owned DME company that has been receiving many calls from Medicare recipients that want to change their oxygen service from national companies because they no longer are receiving services. And I have to be the one to tell them they can’t change providers because of CMS’s new rule. Why should a Medicare recipient be forced to keep a company they don’t want and don’t get the servicing they deserve? This whole ruling doesn’t make any sense! There are also the patient’s that move out of the current provider’s servicing area. The original provider has to either figure out how to service that patient out of their area for free or subcontract with another company. Without receiving any payment. ?? Again, this makes no sense.

And the competitive bidding is also a farce. How in the world can a provider who has never provided oxygen before win bids? And in area’s the company has never been before? How can CMS determine that the provider meets the requirements when they’ve never provided oxygen before? And by companies that have been found to fraudulently bill Medicare??? They shouldn’t even be ALLOWED to bid let alone win. They come in with low bids not having a clue what servicing is required. If patient’s end up with oxygen from this company they will have a rude awaking when there is no service for them!

There are many other ways to save money in health care. DME is approx. !% of the healthcare spending. 1 day in an emergency room costs Medicare more than 1 month supply of oxygen. Again- this makes no sense!

Medicare is broken and needs fixed. But this is not the way to go about fixing it. Patient’s will suffer and end up in the hospital costing more money. DME helps keep patient’s out of hospitals and especially nursing homes which again helps keep the Medicare costs down.

DME is part of lowering the healthcare costs so please help in getting this message across to Congress and CMS.

Thank you.

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