ABCOPP Possibly broke Two rules

I read in the CMS’s own documents that the site visits MUST BE UNANNOUNCED. I spoke with a few companies that accredit and they were not even aloud to give a hint when they were coming to visit.
So the two questions out there are how did the customers of ABCOPP get accredited without a site visit .
If ABCOPP had a special deal with CMS to avoid the site visits so they could take on many more customers and guarantee them they would not miss the deadline, how caould these be unannounced.
Did CMS post this unique special option for all and only ABCOPP took advantage of it or did ABCOPP do this on their own thinking their customers would not say anything and then CMS found out later and let the companies be accredited anyway.
CMS should extend the deadline or revoke the accreditation of the customers of ABCOPP who did not get a site visit and revoke ABCOPP as an accreditor for what appears to be serious violations.
This is just a theory on the brief info I have collected over the last week because we fight for the patients and we feel there will be many patients who will not get their supplies if the deadline is not extended.
Isn’t it ironic that this whole accreditation program is intended to get rid of fraud yet with ABCOPP possibly violating the rules there could be fraud in the process itself.
This is why if there has been rule violations they should come down even harder on a company that is checking other companies for fraud.It could be the fox guarding the hen house .
Again I do not know enough about this to say unequivicolly there has been abuse by ABCOP but if what I read is true and has not been changed, the rule of all visits must be unannounced seems to bean issue here.

For the Patient,

Steve Winter

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