CMS Will Not Grant An Extension for DME Accreditation

CRE has had extensive discussions with CMS regarding accreditation. CMS has decided not to grant an extension to DME providers. In arriving at this decision, CMS has given serious consideration to several Congressional mandates, including patient access and Congressionally mandated deadlines.

CRE is not in a position to provide its readers with business advice; however we are in a position to inform you of your options regarding accreditation.

If you are likely not to be accredited you should give consideration to voluntarily terminating your enrollment in the Medicare program–please see page 4 of the CMS 855S. If you fail to voluntarily terminate your enrollment with the Medicare program you will lose your billing privileges which will bar you from re-enrolling for at least one year from the date of revocation.

The CMS 855S can be downloaded at

A related question is whether pharmacies must also be accredited. CRE is examining this matter, but given our understanding of the importance accorded to meeting Congressional deadlines, we assume they are not exempt from the accreditation requirement; however we are awaiting an official statement from CMS. (Editors Note: Subsequent to making this post and  based upon our contacts with CMS,  it appears that pharmacies are not exempt.)

CRE continues to be concerned about patient access to medical equipment. In the event suppliers are precluded from providing equipment as a result of the accreditation requirement or if patients no longer have access to medical equipment, please post your experiences on the CRE Discussion Forum. If access becomes a major issue, CRE will use your experiences as a basis for serving CMS with a “Petition for Reconsideration”. The CRE Discussion Forum is at

3 Responses to “CMS Will Not Grant An Extension for DME Accreditation”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Sep 28, 09 at 6:41 pm

    VGM just put this on their Web-site — providers will have to do this quickly if they won’t be accredited in time….

    Responding to CRE’s recommendation to voluntarily terminate enrollment, CMS has indicated the following procedures:

    Suppliers who have made the decision not to obtain accreditation or surety bonds, or will not have their accreditation or surety bond completed prior to the respective Oct. deadlines, may want to VOLUNTARILY TERMINATE their enrollment with the Medicare program by completing the sections associated with voluntary termination on page 4 of the CMS 855S. Once complete, suppliers should sign, date, and send the completed application to the NSC. Voluntarily terminating your Medicare enrollment should preserve the supplier’s right to re-enroll in Medicare, once requirements to participate in the Medicare program are met. Failure to voluntarily terminate your enrollment with the Medicare program will result in revoked billing privileges and bar you from re-enrolling for at least ONE YEAR after the date of revocation.

    The most current version of the CMS 855S may be downloaded here:

    Specific steps to voluntarily terminate are as follows:

    1). Download and print the CMS 855S Form

    2). Go to Page 4 and complete the following:

    Section A: Provide the two-letter State Code (e.g., TX for Texas) where your business is located ______ _______

    Section B: Check one box and provide the necessary information where requested

    DMEPOS suppliers must furnish their Medicare Identification Number, often referred to as a supplier number, and their NPI below. Note: Unless enrolling as a sole proprietorship with multiple locations, each enrolled supplier of DMEPOS must obtain an NPI for each practice location. However, if the applicant is the sole owner of more than one incorporated DMEPOS supplier location
    Medicare Identification Number (if issued): ____________________NPI: ____________________________
    (scroll down to this box)

    ( ) You are voluntarily terminating your Medicare enrollment.
    Effective date of termination: _________________ 1B, 4A (page 15 only), 13, and either 15 or 16

    Check this box. Fill in the “Effective date of termination” as OCTOBER 1, 2009.

    3). Go to Page 15 for “Business Location” data. Complete this entire page.

    4). Go to Page 27 for “Contact Person” designation. Choose one of the following:

    ( ) Contact the Authorized Official listed in Section 15.
    ( ) Contact the Delegated Official listed in Section 16.

    OR complete the information on this page to select another contact individual.

    5). Go to Page 32 and have the one or both (if applicable) “Authorized Official” complete the “Authorized Official’s Information and Signature” section of the page.

    6). Send to application to:

    Overnight Mailing Address:
    National Supplier Clearinghouse
    Palmetto GBA* AG-495
    2300 Springdale Drive, Bldg. 1
    Camden, SC 29020

  2. Tom Black said:

    Sep 30, 09 at 5:05 pm

    How could CMS hurt so many beneficieries, hurt so many companies and cripple so many employees. Our service area encompasses about 11,000 square miles, many of our beneficieries areas are NOT served by other companies. We have spent $10,000 dollars to go out of business. We are in the pre survey status, started the process in April of 2008, and submitted our bond months ago. If there was ever a point for class action this is it, too bad CMS can not be included.
    The backlash of anger will sadly be directed at my company as we tell many of the beneficieries that we can no longer serve them and that there is no one else to send them to. CMS caused this log jam and were told many months ago that this was exactly what was going to happen. Instead or using their authority to create a way to get us all accrediated they forund a way to put many many of us out of business. to what end?

  3. Suffering in Iowa said:

    Oct 01, 09 at 12:06 pm

    We are the only DME in our County and our Benefecieries will be hurt directly… we have turned down the lights in front and are only accepting cash! WE have notified the Hospital and the Clinics that we are no longer accepting Patients with Medicare. The closest Providers are 1-2 counties away and in Rural America that HURTS! CMS now OBAMACARE is hurting AMERICA>>>What have we become<<<

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