realy admire your action into requesting an extension for the accrediattion process, hundreds of DME providers are in the middle of the process, most of them would not be accredited ready by the end of the month, jeopardizing their medicare billing priviledges, but the most affected part is for those who may have to reduce/downsize operations, which equals to more unemployement, increasing the nation’s unemployemnt records, putting a financial load in the system. Such extension would help providers to stay in bussines, we hope that MEDICARE oficials would help with this issue.


  1. Anonymous said:

    Sep 14, 09 at 2:02 pm

    We are a small DME company in South Texas and like others we are keeping our fingers cross and hoping to be accredited by the deadline of Sept. 30th. But what are our chances when it is already the mid of September. We are as ready as can be, but have not yet gotten surveyed by our accreditation agency. We have paid a pretty good penny to get accredited and on top of that we need to provide a surety bond. All this has been paid up front with a “no refund” policy. This should be good enough reason to show that we are serious about getting accredited and should get an extension. It would not be right that because of the overload the accreditation agencies have, we, the DME companies are going to suffer. But the main focus is our CLIENTS; they will be the ones to suffer at the end. An extension should be given to all DME Companies who already have their application and have had their desk review by the accreditation agency but are just waiting to be survey.

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