CMS Hasn’t a Clue about Competive Bidding

CMS has no clue the impact of Competitive Bidding will do to the healthcare in our country. They were mandated to implement a program and that is what they intend to complete. With little or no understanding the program they have proposed has been stopped once already and will crash and burn if they implement it again. Who looses? The Medicare Beneficiaries but no one is being honest enough to tell them what is going to happen. As I refer to it the “unintended victim”

If CMS had any desire to be a credible agency they would stand up and tell Congress they can’t do it. The program goes against every historical aspect of our economy of supply and demand. It models a monopolistic program that benefits only the few and destroys our healthcare system even more. There has been numerous examples thru history and a study done that proves this method and model of bidding is unable to co-exist. But as CMS has always done, ask for more money so they can build a bigger governmental beuracratic monster that spends our hard earned tax dollars. They have not even controlled the entry of thieves into their program, that they are responsible for. Let’s be honest and tell the Medicare Beneficiaries that the government sold them a healthcare policy, they paid for it, CMS has mis managed it for all these years and now has blown it. They even pay out claims to crooks that they don’t know how to stop. At least admitting your mistake would be the honest thing to do. Now shut down CMS or “bid it out” to some private agency that can do the job. Don’t let them continue to be employed at the expense of our Medicare Beneficiaries.

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