Medicare made a mistake

I am a registered respiratory therapist and have been in the field since 1979. For the past 8 years I have co-owned a Durable Medical Equipment (DME)company. We never anticipated to become wealthy but wanted to at least make a salary comparable to what we earned working on staff at the local hospital. Since the changes made by Medicare that went into effect 1-1-2009 especially on oxygen payment it has become very difficult for the small independent provider to remain open for business. The patient is the one who ultimately suffers the most. The 36 month cap on oxygen and the competitive bid process will no assure quality equipment and care just the opposite. It will assure they will receive bargain basement equipment with little or no professional care. It seems the Government now consider our elderly as an expensive,disposable liability to their budget which could be waisted in other areas. Why not try decreasing the size of Government. Instead of spending funds attempting to provide services to take lives (Abortion) use the funds trying to improve or save lives. The vast majority of people on home oxygen worked and payed taxes they believed would provide for their care when they needed it. What a let down.
V. Gamble,RRT

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