Bill Baker

“Competitive Bidding” this is not bidding at all, this is “competitive discounting” at best. The laws read, the bid must be LOWER than the current amount paid. How can this be a bid? If the cost is higher, if process changes, if costs increase how can prices drop. Not long ago gas was $4.50 or more in many areas, could a DME adjust for costs? Of course not, but it was demanded that they drop fee’s charged by 9.5%. Oxygen was CAPPED, with an additional 24 months of responsibility and liability added on to the DME in the 34th month of the 36 month CAP! with no prior notice from the government! If they had said, you would be responsible for 60 months of service at the FIRST Month, or when it started, all could have decided, accept the work, do the service or not, but to demand this after the fact, with retroactive implications ABSURD! And who pay’s for this? The benenficary, with worry, with apprehension of serives, with stress, with company’s getting ready to go out of business. All with NO RECOURSE and they made it illegal to quit without liquidation of the company, so you can’t save yourself from the demise of the venture! Where are we living in a dictatorship country?

The actions of Medicare and this process have indeed jumped the track. I;ve been doing this over 15 years, over 20 years in the healthcare, hospital, Respiratory Care profession. We’ve run and honest, excellent grade of quality and service busines. That at this time they still can’t figure out the good providers from the crooks is “shame on them”, but we are the ones paying the price, with the beneficiary. That beneficiary, as I’ve paid in all my life, will in the not to distant future be me! Get some leadership that has some common sense not a vindictive nature.

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  1. Gary White said:

    Aug 13, 09 at 11:20 am

    Folks, lets get real do we think that our Congress and Cms gives a care for a small DME company? Then we had better wake up. The only companies they want is National Companies, not Mom and Pop business, but we know who will take care of these patients. On competive bidding i think it is a joke, if CMS would have done their job in the first place this would never had happened,were all not crooks there is still people in our business who actually cares about our patients. How many of you small business did they come and see if you was even a ligit business? they came to my small home town with a population of just around 7000 people, but they cant seem to make to Fla and see if thoses companys were even there (SHAME on CMS) it wasnt my fault so why should i have to suffer for your mistake, the simple solution before they revamp medicare they should start in their own kitchen.If congress wants to save Anericia they should do some housekeeping in their own house, but we know this will never happen they will keep getting their check long after the 36 month.Ive been in this business since 1983 and i have never seen such stupidity in all my years.

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