Dan Shields, MPM, RRT

I am part owner of a small HME near Pittsburgh, so we are in Round 1a. Competitive bidding is a jobs killer and a service killer and will do nothing to reduce fraud as has been suggested. We have already agreed to the 13 point fraud reduction program, Surety bonds, and are subject to RAC audits. What else can be expected of our industry? Competitive bidding is designed to eliminate 70-80% of the DME companies which will reduce competition and reduce quality of product and service provided to keep the costs low.
The Medicare population is expected to double in the next 6 years!! If we reduce the number of qualified providers at this time it will only worsen access to and the quality of service provided. This will invariably lead to increased hospital admissions and tremendously increased costs to the healthcare system. If this is implemented our company may have to have a work force reduction comparable to the reduction in reimbursement. In a slumping economy with escalating unemployment I implore CMS to reconsider implementing this fatally flawed program. It will become a national disgrace!

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