From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Herndon, VA)

Hello.  … I’m calling about the home medical care and how it could change under the Obama healthcare system. I’m very upset about this because I’ve been wearing support hose for 40 years now and through the years I’ve tried different brands of the support hose and they vary very widely in cost and in quality, very  widely differences but I finally found a pair that I like and that work well for me which is the Jobst hose and I’m afraid that under the new system everybody will have to get just 1 or 2, we won’t have the choices that we have now and I’m very unhappy with the prospect of this and I think this will affect me very negatively in the future. I’m just hoping we can get this thing changed. We need to revert the whole healthcare program because really I think it’s unconstitutional, it’s against our constitution to mandate that everybody buy this healthcare or else face criminal charges. I don’t think we can have the federal government has the right to demand that the states do this. Just register my complaint. Thank you. “

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