From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Livonia, MI)

I have a good supplier of oxygen right here in Michigan and they do a very good job, an outstanding job of supplying me with oxygen.  I have no worries about running out.

I had a bad tank one night and they were here in a half-hour and replaced the tank even though I had another one that would last me through the night but they said they didn’t want to take a chance they would just as soon bring a new one out.   They brought out a brand new full one and got me on my regular routine. I guess you could say I was indebted to them for my life. 

They are a very competent provider and I don’t know what this deal is about Congress passing a new law where we’re going to do competitive bidding. That means low bidder to me. I was in business, I know what that is, low bid takes it. I don’t want somebody taking the low bid and the government taking the low bid so that it saves money. We paid into this Medicare all of our life. I worked very hard when I worked.  I worked a lot of hours every day, every week. And I don’t want my provider for my oxygen changed. I hope everybody can see that it’s a poor thing to be doing in the middle of a regiment like this.”

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