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Washington Post Embraces “Antithesis of Science”

Editor’s Note:  CMS’s uncompetitive bidding has been debunked and denounced by every independent scholar who has anlyzed the program.  Over 240 professors and researchers, including several Nobel laureates, at schools ranging from the University of Maryland and the California Insitute of Technology to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT and many other have explained that,

it is now clear that the CMS design is not an auction at all but an arbitrary pricing process.

The scholars further explained that the Medicare program violates the Administration’s regulatory principle’s set forth President Obama’s Executibe Order on regulatory reform,

LETTER: Obamacare is causing unsettling changes

From: LehighValleyLive

By Express-Times Letters to the Editor

Obamacare has changed Medicare. As of July 1, “Durable Equipment and Supplies” has a new program to save you money and ensure quality services. That’s what it says on the front of the brochure Medicare sent us.

My husband is on a CPAP machine, which is partially purchased and partially rented. The provider he uses will now be noncontracted, but he is grandfathered in so the company will be able to supply parts and repairs. But he will no longer be able to get other things from the company. At the end … Continue Reading

“The group would get $50 billion in cuts to healthcare spending by ‘increased competitive bidding’ and $50 billion from aligning Medicare provider payments with ‘actual costs.'”

From: The Hill

Liberal group CAP floats sequester replacement

By Erik Wasson

The liberal Center for American Progress on Thursday proposed a new way to  replace part of the nine years of automatic spending cuts enforced by  sequestration, which started March 1.

CAP, the think tank closest in many ways to the Obama administration, is  floating replacing sequestration for 2014, 2015 and 2016, essentially throwing  in the towel on the current fiscal year, which ends in October.

The group argues that the rest of the $1.2 trillion total sequester can be  replaced later and trying to replace it all now will likely lead to … Continue Reading