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From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Detroit, MI)

“Yes, I am calling in regards to this competitive bidding. I think this is very unfair. First of all I’d like to know what about Congress? All the money that they make and are they not getting any benefits taken away from them. They get the best healthcare, they get the best of everything. This is not fair to the American people.

Congress was to be built, was when it started, it was a voluntary thing and they had a certain term. Now why do we have to have these people paying top, giving these people top dollar for their money. … Continue Reading

Health On The Hill Transcript: Medicare Changes Part Of Super Committee Republicans Deal On Tax Revenues

From: Kaiser Health News

Jackie Judd talks with KHN’s Mary Agnes Carey what Medicare changes would be part of the latest proposal from super committee Republicans to strike a deficit reduction deal. Also in the background is the status of a $300 billion fix of the sustainable growth rate formula that determines how much Medicare doctors get paid.

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JACKIE JUDD: Good Day, this is Health on the Hill. I’m Jackie Judd.
It’s still all about the super committee on Capitol Hill, and so that is what our focus is here once again. Republicans, who … Continue Reading

NewsPoll: Providers scale back on Medicare

From: HME News

‘We walked away from 20% of our revenue’

By Elizabeth Deprey, Associate Editor
YARMOUTH, Maine – Reduced reimbursements, audits and paperwork requirements have pushed many HME providers to cut back on Medicare in the past year, according to a recent HME NewsPoll. 
More than half of the 108 respondents to the November HME NewsPoll (57%) reported decreasing their Medicare business in 2011.  
“Competitive bidding has really hurt our business,” said one provider. “The 32% reduction in reimbursement has been very tough on us.”  
When it comes to competitive bidding, however, one provider’s loss is another provider’s gain.
“We won the competitive bid in the … Continue Reading

From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Batesville, MS)

“This is…at Batesville, Mississippi. I’ve been getting my medical supplies, like my diabetes stuff, from Med Mart Supply in Pontotoc and I’m just satisfied with them and I don’t care to change if I don’t have to.”

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