From: HME News

WASHINGTON – CMS notified providers on March 8 that reimbursement for claims for durable medical equipment and supplies, including those provided in competitive bidding areas, will be reduced by 2% on April 1.

The reimbursement for claims will be reduced based on whether the date of service, or the start date for rental equipment or multi-day supplies, is on or after April 1.

The cut is part of mandatory across-the-board spending cuts in federal spending.

CMS announced on Jan. 30 that reimbursement for certain DME would be reduced by 45%, on average, in 91 cities on July 1 as part of Round 2 of competitive bidding. Reimbursement was reduced by 32%, on average, in nine cities on Jan. 1, 2011, as part of Round 1 of the program.