From: VGM

From Mark Higley

We are in the process of updating our “VGM Competitive Bidding Services” web pages.  You can access the site from the front page banner at, or directly via

Upon accessing the page, you will see three large “buttons”, in addition to several links which offer more detailed information…but start with the buttons.

The first (on the left) is titled “Recompete Bidding in 3 Easy Steps”…and it’s just that.  It is designed for the HME bidder who doesn’t want to plow through 100 pages of the RFB…at least not right now.  If you are going to bid — read it.

The second (to the middle) is a link to our full-day recompete training sessions.  IF YOU ANTICIPATE PLACING A BID YOU SHOULD ATTEND!   Why?  The new combined categories (three of the six) can easily muddy up the strategies of even a savvy original Round 1 winning contract supplier.  For example, there are 69 required bidding codes in the “General Home Equipment” category.  Only five impact more than 5% of the composite bid.  One code “counts” 45%.  In Standard Mobility there are 151 codes!  Only 5 “count”.  The session will offer a step-by-step strategy to obtain the composite bid you desire — without discounting to any great degree 95% of the product codes.  And we will try to ensure you don’t fall into any of the numerous pitfalls associated with this recompete.  You may sign up today.  Go to for more information.

The last button (to the right) is a link to the official CBIC bid preparation worksheet, which includes the new bid limit (generally all codes have reverted to the pre-Round 1 rebid reimbursement amount…you will NOT be bidding against the current lower “single payment amount currently in effect in the CBA), the utilization weighting, and the actual 2011 beneficiary count and units allowed for each product.  The CBIC worksheet does NOT include an analysis of which codes impact the overall category composite bid.  The VGM calculators do…you will find instructions and links on this page.  Take some time and become familiar with both.

More tips will follow in future updates.  In the meantime, get registered!  And please consider attending the in-CBA seminars.  Lessen your chances of a disqualification error.  Increase your chances for securing the contracts you desire.

Thank you.