HME News

CMS officials told members of its Program Advisory and Oversight Committee (PAOC) this morning that it plans to announce winning bid amounts for Round 1.2 of competitive bidding Thursday afternoon.

A PAOC member told HME News: “Tomorrow afternoon announcement of single payment amounts (SPAs) will happen via typical outreach materials: CBIC and CMS Web sites and list servs.”

The member also wrote: “Tomorrow afternoon winning bidders will get an e-mail telling them to expect a Federal Express contract package Friday, July 2. Bidders will have 10 days to respond. Notification of non-qualifying bidders will happen in September.”

CMS will make SPAs available in PDF and Excel files, as well as in charts that indicate average savings per contract categories. It will also make available a “distribution of contract offers”–the mean number of contract offers per competitive area per product category, as well as number of locations in that area.