FDA Restricts Flavored E-cigarettes, but Not the Real Killers. Huh?

From: BU Today | POV

Every argument for the restrictions applies even more strongly for cigarettes


So while it’s true that the regulation is technically not as stringent as an outright ban, for all intents and purposes, it is going to be impossible for the majority of gas stations and convenience stores to sell e-cigarettes and related products.


Yet, convenience stores and gas stations can continue to sell traditional cigarettes as usual, which are addicting a new generation to nicotine despite lower smoking rates. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every day more than 3,200 youth smoke their first cigarette. It has been estimated that it takes only four to five cigarettes for a youth to become addicted to smoking. One out of every two long-term addicted smokers will die prematurely, primarily from lung cancer, lung disease, heart disease, stroke, or other cancers.

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