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The UN Refugee Agency held its 2018 UNHCR with NGOs on June 27-29, 2018. Click here to read about this Consultation.




“The 2018 Edition of the Top 500 NGOs World is live: BRAC is #1 for the third year in a row”

The NGO Advisor published the following article:

NGO Advisor announces the Top 500 NGOs WORLD 2018

Geneva, Switzerland – The 2018 edition of the Top 500 NGOs World represents the sixth edition of the Geneva Rankings. Known as the Ivy League of the nonprofit world, the Top 500 ranks NGOs and social impact organisation in order to showcase the best practices and newest ideas in the sector. The NGOs in this year’s ranking are more influential, more powerful, and more innovative than ever before. With 22 new entrants to the list, this edition reflects the broader evolution of the nonprofit sector as well as the issues faced by global civil society from the local level to the transnational level.


Foreign Funded NGOs, Political Power, and Democratic Legitimacy

The above-titled article in Lawfare is preceded by the following “Editors Note”:

“Back in May, Ron Krebs and James Ron argued in their Foreign Policy Essay that countries should welcome foreign funded NGOs and contended that, in Israel in particular, they do considerable good. Gerald Steinberg, who heads the Institute for NGO Research in Israel, begs to differ and offers a defense of Israel’s restrictive policies regarding NGOs.”

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“Science, Industry, NGOs Brief [US] Congress on Right Whale Crisis”

The Natural Resources Defense Council posted the above-titled article on one of NRDC’s websites.  Part of this article reads as follows:

“If we are going to save the North Atlantic right whale, we must act now.

That was the resounding message from scientists, the fishing industry, and environmental groups at a briefing on Capitol Hill yesterday. Staffers were provided with three main take-homes:

  1. Support the request to the [US] Senate Appropriations Committee for an additional $5 million in FY19 funding for right whale-related research and development to reduce entanglement in fishing gear.


“Singaporean NGO shapes North Korean entrepreneurs”

The Asia Times published the above-titled article, which includes the following paragraph:

“Teaching capitalism in a post-communist state

While other North Korea-related NGOs focus on humanitarian issues and aid, Chosun Exchange – “Chosun” is a native Korean word for Korea – teaches North Koreans the basis of entrepreneurialism. It has been in operation for 11 years.”

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“Foreign-funded NGOs, political power and democratic legitimacy”

“Op-ed: Massive external funding for a very narrow group of unaccountable and polarizing NGOs is in fact corrupting the democratic principles in whose name they claim to speak.”

“Gerald M. Steinberg”

“In 2001, after the infamous NGO Forum of the UN Durban Conference that launched the BDS and demonization campaigns, I began to research the political power of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), particularly those active in the realms of human rights and international law.”

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“Why Countries Should Welcome, Not Fear, Foreign Funding of NGOs”

This article in Lawfare includes the following “Editor’s Note”

“Editor’s Note: When foreigners give money to political organizations, both the donor and the recipient often become suspect. Governments around the world that fear criticism, oppose human rights, or otherwise reject the agendas of these groups are increasingly trying to ban foreign backing of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Ron Krebs and James Ron of the University of Minnesota argue that such bans are a mistake. They contend that foreign funding of NGOs should be encouraged in parts of the world where domestic support for such groups is lacking.”


Chairmen of the Strategic Alliance of Asian-American Non-Profit Organizations, NGO of United Nations, Appointed as the Honorary Chairmen of World Trade United Foundation

Recently in New York, Dato’ Sri Prof. Ng, Tat-yung , the founder of the World Trade United Foundation has appointed Sherrill Kazan, President of the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations;Dr. Jim Lin-Chi Chu, the Chairman of the Strategic Alliance of Asian-American Non-Profit Organizations; and Tom W.Q. Jiang, Chairman of the United Nations Ethnic Chinese Union, as Honorary Chairmen of the World Trade United Foundation (WTUF) .

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“Emboldened by Election Victory, Hungary Government to Tighten NGO Bill”

U.S. News and World Report posted the above-captioned article on one of its websites.  The article was written by MartonDunai, and part of it follows:

“Emboldened by Election Victory, Hungary Government to Tighten NGO Bill

Hungary will tighten a bill that aims to closely regulate non-governmental organizations (NGOs) following the ruling party’s big election victory last month, a minister said on Monday, in a move likely to dismay the European Union and rights groups.

The bill has been nicknamed ‘Stop Soros’ as it targets NGOs that receive foreign funding, notably those financed by liberal billionaire philanthropist George Soros, whom Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accuses of political meddling and actively supporting mass immigration into Europe.


“Panel urges NGO transparency of public money”

The Hong Kong Standard recently posted the following article:

“The Legislative Council’s Public Accounts Committee has expressed ‘grave concern and dissatisfaction’ about the Social Welfare Department’s failure to effectively monitor the work of non-governmental organizations.

The committee acknowledged that NGOs have an indispensable role in providing a wide range of services to the community, and that the government’s lump sum grant subvention system gives them the autonomy and flexibility to allocate resources.

But the committee noted that some NGOs ran persistent deficits, and others piled up too much reserves. It also noted that the Social Welfare Department had failed to ensure NGOs meet the requirement for them to disclose the remuneration of their most senior staff.

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